The MESH NAILS are new nails made of MESH and it requires a mesh compatible viewer.

The use is quite simple. No need to wear a size 10, 20 or 30 anymore.
The MESH NAILS are compatible with hands sizes from 0 to 50 but will require an easy adjustment using a HUD.

It is HUD controlled. To resize, you’ll have to know your hands size (or find out about it, but everything is explained in a notecard anyway) and enter it on a popup after clicking “resize” on the HUD. The nails will directly resize (make a copy before resizing, as a backup). 

To retexture, it is way simpler than before. Just wear the HUD and click the color preview of your choice on the palette. Your nails are retextured in a timely fashion. Easy ain’t it ?

Sizes above 50 won’t match with those nails though. We apologise about that but really few girls use 50+ hands size. 

So far, 12 packs have been made in PLAIN. More patterns and fun things are to come. You just can purchase the basics now if you want to.

Check it out !