Management FAQ

This page is dedicated to hunt & events organizers, bloggers, malls managers, club owners, resellers, advertising providers, models, or anyone who needs an information about our way to manage our store.

Please note that if your question isn’t answered here, we will be happy to answer to your notecard (and only notecard) sent to Loviathar Hellman (store owner/designer).

  1. Affiliate vendors : We take care of selling our products ourselves, so no, we don’t have an affiliate vendors program, and never will. Please also note that our store’s name is [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] and not anything else, so if someone sells an affiliate vendor from “Insanity”, we have nothing to do with that.
  2. Hunts : We love hunts but there are so much on the grid at the moment that we have to select the ones we join. Don’t hesitate at sending your hunts invites, though, because the theme or the originality of the concept may lead us to join.
    We provide exclusive hunt gifts for every single hunt. We don’t resell the products we give for hunts, never.
    We participate in pay hunts if the price isn’t too important and if a certain level of quality is asked.
    We also don’t accept in joining hunts that approve the massive cheat system used by several hunters and which is to copy paste directs slurls to the hunt objects on notecards and blogs. So if you don’t have a problem with this, don’t ask us to join, because we do.
    We also prefer it to be written in the rules.
  3. Models : We don’t need any model. Thank you.
  4. Advertising : We do not pay for advertising.
  5. Bloggers : Bloggers are free to apply for being added to our official bloggers list and receive review copies. They must use this form to apply. Notecards will be discarded.
  6. Textures/sculpts : We don’t resell or give away our textures or sculpt maps. No way.
  7. Events : We are looking for weekly store-to-store events. Don’t hesitate at sending notecards about the ones you’re organizing. 
  8. Fashion shows : We most likely aren’t interested. However, if your concept is outrageously original, please notecard us.
  9. Fairs : We will consider your offer as long as your price is reasonable (Refer to Depraved Nation’s prices to know what’s reasonable to us).
  10. Sponsoring : We don’t sponsor clubs anymore. We don’t sponsor most of the SL fashion shows either. We most likely don’t sponsor hunts. But if something original needs a sponsoring, then, send your notecard. We will see if we can help.
  11. Malls : We prefer to work on a commission/split basis (30 or 20% only). If your mall is extremely active (regular and succesful fashion events), we’ll eventually pay a rent but this is extremely rare. No clubs, no sex related areas, no fake traffic, no zyngos, no resellers.
  12. Renting stores around ours : We don’t have a sim anymore for some lack of time reasons so please contact Kinu Mayako for rentals @Dark Tranquility.
  13. Charities : While we think that citizenship is a way better way to change the world, we still think that some charities deserve a help. We’ll eventually participate in charity events to raise awareness and raise money for a cause. We are sensitive to poverty in the entire world, to chronic sicknesses like fibromyalgia and a ton of other causes. Try.

Thanks for reading.