Customer Service

Please, read our FAQ before sending anything.

If the FAQ doesn’t answer to your question, please contact our CSR by e-mail and only e-mail (no notecards nor IM due to our lack of availability online and to lost IMs/notes).

Our Customer Service Responsible ‘s mail is :

She’ll happily answer your questions, but please make sure to include in your e-mail :

  1. Your full avatar name (no display name),
  2. Your transaction history for the item you are mailing about. If this item was purchased more than a month ago, you can discard this.
  3. The name of the item(s) you are mailing about and if applicable, the version or color.
  4. The name of the sim where you purchased the item if one item is missing in your folder (it should be written in your transaction history).
  5. Your question in understandable french or english. If you don’t speak any of those languages, please ask to a friend to help you. Using a translator won’t help if you don’t know basic english. Using a translator will not help us either since translators are not very good. 

While we endeavour to help, taking care of your issue may take a delay depending on our occupations in SL and in RL.
Due to RL work, we are way less available online and we can’t come online from work. But we’ll try to help you asap. 

Thank you !

Please note : No notecard should be sent to Moolfryt Klang, designer at [V/I] nor to Hyel Blackheart, advertising manager at [V/I] nor to our ex-CSR account, VirtualInsanity Resident. They aren’t often online. So please, if you want to be read and your problem to be solved, follow the procedure above. Thanks !